The Site

Site history  

The existing building at 3 Creekside dates to c.1922. It was originally built as an office and factory for the old Medina Works oil refinery. The existing building comprises a two-storey brick façade with a factory building and warehouse behind.

The site today

Deptford, and Creekside is becoming an emerging creative hub in London and the changing character of the area is evident by developments further along Creekside and adjacent to our site at 1 Creekside. The Council has identified that they are keen for Creekside to be redevelopment in a masterplanned approach, and for individual sites to respond to the emerging Deptford Creative Quarter. The proposals at 1 Creekside have started this process and we are looking to build upon the changing character of Creekside.

The site is currently occupied by a range of commercial uses, and includes the Medina Works building which fronts onto Creekside as well as the Addey Street yard which is publicly accessible only during trading hours.

3 Creekside is currently used as an art gallery, studios, pizza restaurant/café, craft beer bar/taproom, creative workspaces and social spaces. In order to sustain these uses in the area, the proposals will look to maintain the types of spaces which are provided by 3 Creekside, as well as optimising the potential of the site.



Our Vision

We believe that our proposals for a mixed-use development will expand the amount of creative workspace that is in line with market demand, within the context of Deptford’s growing creative industry and existing vibrant culture. Our proposals include:

  • Redevelopment of the site for residential, commercial uses whilst respecting and enhancing the character of the surrounding area
  • Delivering 38 much-needed new homes on-site, including affordable housing
  • High-quality design that retains the primary façade of Medina Works
  • Flexible ground floor units that can be adapted for a range of uses including café, bar, workspace
  • The re-provision of high-quality commercial spaces on the first floor for both existing and new creative uses



Thank You

Thank you to all those who took part in the public consultation, and attended the consultation webinar. A planning application for the site has now been submitted to Lewisham Council. The application has been validated and the full application documents can be found here, or by searching the reference DC/22/129784 on the Lewisham planning portal.

If you have any further comments or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the project team at or by calling 0203 900 3676.

Community Webinar

On the evening of Monday 18th July, the team held a community webinar to present the proposals, and provide an opportunity for the local community to share their questions. The webinar can be viewed below.